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Welcome, Friend. I am excited that you stopped by my blog because I write this blog for you. The goal of Love is Stronger is to help people live from the inside out in order to live more resilient lives.

When we Live from the Inside Out, we live from a sense of our own worthiness, capability, and purpose. We have confidence and clarity, and we relate to the world and others primarily from a place of stability, optimism, and connection. This helps us live a more resilient life. (You can read more about Living from the Inside Out here.)

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Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that get in the way of Living from the Inside Out.

These obstacles may be distorted personal beliefs we have, as well as distorted belief systems we pick up from our culture.

They may be painful emotions or experiences that teach us that we, or parts of us like our body, are unworthy or that creating a better world together is impossible.

Or, these obstacles may be distorted interpersonal and political systems that interfere with our ability to relate in a productive and respectful way with ourselves and one another.

All the posts on Love is Stronger focus on helping us work through these obstacles and on strengthening our power to Live from the Inside Out.

About Me: I have my PhD in philosophy, with a specialty in ethics, logic and critical thinking, social and political philosophy, and philosophy of education.

I wrote my dissertation on education and the good society, and I am especially interested in how we educate ourselves to create a more humane world together. My writing is especially informed by the work of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, as well as the philosophers Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Herbert Marcuse, and bell hooks.

I teach a variety of classes at a local college including ethics, logic, philosophy of education, philosophy of zombies, environmental ethics, and theories of economic justice. I also do research on how to help college students, and people in general, become more resilient, especially by gaining a sense of their own worthiness.

I am the author of three logic and critical thinking textbooks, which are published by Classical Academic Press: Argument Builder, Discovery of Deduction (co-author), and Everyday Debate. I originally wrote these books for middle and high school students, but they are a great for anyone, young adult or adult, who wants to learn to think more clearly and critically.

You can find these books at Classical Academic Press here .

You can also order them from Amazon here:

Everyday Debate (I recommend starting with this one.)

Argument Builder

Discovery of Deduction

A lot of the artwork on my blog is my own.


I think art is one of the ways we share love with the world, and it often also helps us better understand the concepts we are trying to communicate.

My husband John and I have an adorable cat:

John and I #3

Jackson Lebowski

Jax and drawing

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You can also reach me at at shellypruittjohnson@gmail.com.

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